Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

New Front Feet! (plus some little fingers! I let my friend's niece play photographer)

At 15.3 700lbs is extremely underweight. 

Just my nosy little Moses asking for kisses!


  1. Aww his hoovies look much better now!

    700 pounds? That IS underweight for 15.3hh. At least he is safe now though =)

    1. He appears to be pretty athletic, but Roxy is shorter then him and weighs 1100, so I imagine he should weigh roughly the same. He is very safe and very loved now though!

    2. That sounds about right, my gelding is 15.1hh (ish?) and weighs around 1100 pounds. My boyfriend's mare is only 14.1hh, but weighs more than him (she is a fatty, but is built like a brick outhouse). I would very much like to donate some of her weight to Moses, if you'd like to take it? lol ;)

    3. Wow! She's gotta be thick! I'm sure Moses would love some of it! lol