Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monthly Goals

It has recently come to my attention that Roxy does not know her leads. She has just always picked up the right ones. I have videos of her picking up the correct leads naturally, but she's never been cued for them, and so when I do cue her she does not mind them.
Video of Roxy picking up her leads fantastically, and 100% naturally.

This is a huge issue for me, as my almost 10 year old mare should really have learned her leads by now. I figure me and my trainer never noticed it earlier because (as you can see by the video) it's never appeared to be an issue. But it is to me. If I tell Roxy which lead to pick up, her should pick it up. That is going to be my mission for this month.

I have realized that today is March 1st, and a lot can happen in a month. So I am setting goals for the horses that I handle for this month.

Roxy- Lead changes, getting a solid slide stop back on her.
Dolly- Getting comfortable putting her back in lessons, ride her myself at least once a week. (Dolly has reached an age where she is done learning, and now her only job is to pass knowledge onto others)
Max- (Assuming his owners decide to start having me work him again). I'd like to fix his foundation. He was getting ruined by a young girl previously, and now Max needs to be restarted. By the end of the month I'd like to see him giving to my cues, and responding all the time.

With the amount of time that I spend out at the ranch, this should all be quite doable in the 31 days of March.


  1. Good goals and good luck. Your video looks awesome. I need a barrel racer bad.

    1. Thank you! That video is like 4 years old, but it was a really clean pattern. I love gymkhana, and thankfully Roxy does too!