Sunday, March 25, 2012

Parting the Seas

This morning I walked across the street, and brought home my new fella. I took my hot pink halter over, haltered him up, and walked him back to his new, very loving, home. I'm so sad that he has been tossed around, he is truly adorable, and pretty well put together (especially for a mustang). Meet my colt. 
He is good size, probably 15 hands, and so so cute. He's the rescue. He's significantly thinner then he looks, as his winter coat is hiding him. I would rate him between a 2 and 3 on the body scale. His feet haven't been done in OVER TWO YEARS. Horrifying. The reason "He won't let you pick up his feet!" Funny, because I picked out both fronts with ease, and he briefly let me lift the back feet too. It almost brought me to tears. I slid my hand down his leg and he instantly knew what it meant, and lifted his feet.

I would LOVE to name him Moses. I think it just fits him quite well. I did bring him home with another woman though, so we'll see what she says. My BO/Good friend was quite unhappy. We don't like mustangs, and she has had awful luck with them. But I didn't get him for me, I brought him home because he did not deserve to rot.  He didn't chose to be born a mustang, and he certainly didn't chose to live in that home. This big guy deserves a loving home, and that's what he'll get with me. When you bring home a horse, you are promising to love them, and care for them for their entire life- or at least seeing that they are well cared for at a loving home.
We are guessing that he about 4, hopefully that means he isn't set in his ways, and will take well to being broke. He is quite affectionate, wants to be groomed, and he really wants to be with me. I turned him out in the pasture to run and roll. He saw horses nearby and tried rearing up over the pipe fencing. Not good. He's living in the mare motels, so he'll be safe and won't be able to hang himself, or hurt his legs on his stall.

He leads very well, backs up and everything. He's a little pushy, but someone at some point actually put some trained this cutie. I am so thankful that I was able to rescue him, and I only hope that he over comes his mustang habits (pictures of the tattoo coming soon!) and becomes a solid riding horse.

Do you have any experience or opinions (good or bad) on mustangs?


  1. I've known one mustang, he was a beast at barrels but was def for more advanced riders. He was pretty awesome. I've never heard of people having problems with mustangs till you but I also live in a area of QH, WB, TB.

  2. His hooves haven't been done in TWO YEARS?! Wow, that is a LONG time. Poor guy!

    He's kinda cute, hopefully he settles in well.