Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am particularly fond of cowlicks on my horses. Many different ancient people used to give meaning to the location of cowlicks on their horses- it gave them insight about the horse's personality. So lets test their theory on Nova- who has tons of cowlicks all over her body.

Nova's forehead swirl

According to Linda Tellington-Jones a whorl above the eyes means that the horse is simple and easy going. Nova is pretty simple and easy going. Even being a youngster she doesn't try to hide her feelings (like Roxy spent lots of time doing). Nova is an open book, and so easy going.

Sounds like Ms.Tellington-Jones is pretty spot on!

Here are some photos of all Nova's other cowlicks. Remember folks! Cowlicks can be used for identification, so take pictures of them to keep in your record! Also I suggest doing the same thing for your horse's chestnuts. If it may ever happen that your horse is stolen, having all of this identifying proof will be helpful in getting your horse back.

Left side of her neck

Right side of her neck

Little wet chest swirls

Matching swirls under her belly. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Being the First

It is only natural to want to be the first at something. With Nova there are so many firsts for us to experience together- its so exciting! Yesterday I was the first person to trot Nova. She has a really nice little trot, I really like her gaits.

My mom held the longe line and i joked "You ready to hold my crazy girl?" Nova feels like a dead broke horse. She is just a natural. She turns, shes very forward without charging through me. And she has a dead stop. I just say "ho" and she stops real quick (better then some actually broke horses). I am just thrilled.

My mom asked me what i can do with her, seeing how good she is. I didnt know, so weasked my trainner. She said that when she breaks she does the same thing for 7 days, maybe Nova is a 3 instead. Wouldnt it be nice if everything i ever teach her only takes 3 rides? Here's to wishful thinking and being the first to experience Novas gaits.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Nova's First Ride

I have been getting asked all week "When are you riding her?" To me it's not really something planned. You don't set a date on a calendar. This is true with all horse related things. You work up to a goal, and when you reach it, you reach it. You always keep some sort of time in your head, but maybe it happens sooner then you had imagined. Or perhaps it's taken your horse a longer time to understand. Or maybe your goal changed all together, exactly what happens to me all the time.

So when I was so eagerly asked "When are you riding her?" I responded with "I'm not really sure." Because I wasn't sure. Nova would let me know when she was ready. I was also repeatedly told "Wow, she'll be easy to start." And I 100% agreed to that, Nova is so easy going. It is so obvious to me that some horses were built to be ridden. Nova is that horse. Everything just comes so natural to my beautiful little filly.

So today I went out with my boyfriend, who was meeting Nova for the first time. I had a little bit of an idea that I may sit on her today, but I wasn't planning on it. With my boyfriend/photographer in tow I lunged my baby and got some LOVELY shots of this mare.
I am in love with her beautiful lope. It looks so smooth.

The huge stride this mare has at the trot is beautiful. 

I love how she bolts into her lope, it just screams 'gymkhana horse'. 

A beautiful heal, toe landing. 

I also had a friend do some ground work with her. Nova needs a lot of work on the ground. She's pushy and very rude, not purposefully she just doesn't know. I tacked her up, and lunged her again with the saddle flapping all around, she didn't care a bit. So I decided to bounce around in the stirrups. 

 And then I just couldn't resist being on top of her. Her ears are back, but I think she was just curious. Because she chewed the whole time, and didn't try to walk off but once. Nova didn't balk or tremble, she's just doing what she was bred to do.

It is just impossible to be up there and not test it out. So I went around a couple of laps in the bull pen.

Nova walks, turns, she whoas, she was amazing! I have owned this mare for a total of 8 days. That is when I first rode her.

 Ignoring my awkward half step stance, I like this as a 'before' shot of Nova. It shows how fat she is, and her muscle condition (or lack there of). I can only imagine how fast, and powerful this mare will be when she's in top shape.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Fantastic New Life of Gideon

Gideon was re-homed about 5 months after being rescued. I started him on barrels, and he had absolutely no interest in being an arena horse. So up went the craigslist ad. It just didn't seem fair to force Gideon into an arena horse life that he didn't enjoy. I am so thankful that I found him the great trail family he lives with now.

Gideon lives in an absolutely lovely pasture in the mountains with two beautiful mares. He trail rides nearly everyday! He is his new father's first trail horse. Gideon is finishing filling out nicely, while in their care. I have regular communication with his new owner, and we are even planning a trail ride in the near future. I'll get to ride him too! I am so excited to see how far they have taken him. It is impossible not to be happy when I found him such a wonderful home.

Here are the most recent photos that I was sent of my handsome little boy!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Poor Roxy!

A friend of mine came out to ride yesterday. I had also promised Roxy that I would ride her. I also was planning on ponying Nova for the first time. It was a very successful day! Roxy was good, she pinned her ears at Nova a little, but with a a little kick she'd stop. Roxy's a good mount for ponying- she knows that when it's time to work, it is not time to play.

We went around in the arena a few times, then about 200 ft down the road and back. That little baby is amazing! She has never seen the world. She lived way up in the mountains off the beaten path. On the trail we saw tractors, dogs, cats, cars, other horses, and in my opinion what's often scariest- dumpsters. Nova did not spook not once! She also let me pet her ears, her forehead, her neck, her back. She's not worried about me being on top of her at all. Successful day yesterday!

I feed Saturdays, so this morning I got up bright and early. And I felt awful, super sick. But I took some day quil, texted canceling my lessons, and I trekked out to the ranch at 7:00AM. I got there, fed the horses, and then I went to do Nova's stall (where Roxy is currently living). Roxy had barely her breakfast... And I even gave her alfalfa. She looks sunken in, and was standing camped out. I listened to her gut and heard good rolls, she wasn't dehydrated. Then I remember that yesterday when her and Dolly were out they played a lot. Roxy did a lot of bucking, and rearing.

I usually pull her out when she does that. But I've been getting pressure from my mother and trainer that 'Roxy's fine'. I can see the pain on her face, but I figured that they knew best. So my poor little girl was so uncomfortable that she didn't even finish her breakfast. Now I know that my instincts are best, and that I know my mare.

But today Nova did great! I was told that she doesn't tie, but was thrilled to see that she does. We used a lunge line and wrapped it around the arena panels. She stood calmly, and chewed my very line. She chews up everything, Nova is very mouthy. She is also very saddle broke. I was thrilled to find that out. This little mare really just needs help leading. I'm planning on going out Monday and getting a bit in her mouth, and lunging her with a saddle in the round pen so it can really flap around on her. Today was also the first time that my trainer saw her being worked. My trained told me before leaving that she was proud of me for banging out my stalls even though I was sick! Woohoo for me. Despite Roxy's discomfort and my sickness, it was a pretty good day.