Monday, March 5, 2012

Roxy Rant #2

So the other day my girl came out to ride me. I was actually looking forward to it, Dolly was already out on her ride, so maybe I could join up with her! I had no such luck. My girl brought me out, gave me pets, and kisses, and told me how much she loved me. How embarrassing, not to mention this was all in front of Bux!

Anyway, so my girl took me over to tie post, and actually tied me. Cool. Usually when I actually get tied, and don't just stand in front of my tack shed to be tacked up it means I have to wait for a while. So I closed my eyes, and rested my legs. It is such hard work looking so drop dead gorgeous all of the time, so I cat nap whenever possible.

My owner returns in a few minutes, to show me to some lady and her kids. They lift the boy up to show him my super cool color, and let him see all of my stunning fantastic beauty. Then they leave. About 20 minutes later I was really enjoying my nap, but my girl was back! Great! Maybe she'll put a saddle on me, sometimes she does on Sundays. I saw the barrel pattern set up really big and straight, maybe I'll get to run!

Again, no such luck. She doesn't even put a bareback pad on me like she usually does. She just gets my bridle, and then leads me to the mounting block. I stand patiently and let my girl on. Then instead of going in the arena and actually getting ridden, we head towards the mare motels, where I stand for a bit confused, as the people blabber, then move past and find Dolly! My girl even lets me sniff with her since we are such good sisters.

We head to the arena, where my girl makes me jog, and I do so. But I do it really awkwardly, with my haunches in, and my head facing the arena. This results in a kick of the inside leg, and a jerk on my reins. Fine. I fix my body so it's less awkward, and continue to jog. This is done for about 3 laps. Then she asks me to canter. Despite the fact that I really want to gallop as fast as horsey possible, I stay collected and round. Then my girl has the nerve of putting me away!

What the heck? What person rides for literally 5 minutes? Did I get stuck with the only person on earth who makes horses stand longer then they ride? That's it! I want a new human! This one just will not- What? You have grain? Oh please can I have some? I worked sooo hard, and I am sooo tired. I don't even care if you coat it in the white powder stuff that tastes all yucky! Gimme gimme! I guess my girl is forgiven this time.

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