Monday, March 12, 2012

Roxy Rant #3

So I have been a perfect 100% fabulous horse lately. Well mostly. I like to break into the lope from the trot, it's just so much more fun. And my girl has been trying to get me to do my super fast Roxy trot, but I'm just not feeling it. Oh and also she's been doing this weird thing where she RIDES OTHER HORSES. Doesn't that girl know that I'm her one love?

My girl rode this big fat paint mare at her lesson on Sunday. The fat mare tried to buck, it was quite hilarious. I remember being that fat and trying to buck, so ridiculous- it just does not work.

After my girl's lesson she rode me! She put a saddle on me, and took me into the arena with lots of other horses. We tried to lope the barrels, but the other horses were super in the way and annoying. So instead we worked on our slide stop. I'm a good slide stopper!

After that went on a trail with 7 other horses! We went up this huge hill, and when we were almost to the top Wendy was all "Hey guys, lets get ride of our saddles!" I tried to tell Wendy no, but her saddle just slipped right onto her side. Her rider leaped off in perfect timing, and my girl did too (my girl kind of runs the show at these trail rides, thus making me the lead mare). I got to hang out with Dolly for a few minuets while they put Wendy's saddle back on. Then we continued on. We were all very brave. We passed big scary monsters like yellow tractors that were fixing our road, big heaps of trash on top of bright blue dumpsters, and even a menacing dog. Ok, the dog scared me a lot, but my girl rubbed me with her spurs so I held my breath and passed it quickly hoping that it would stay as sleep about not turn into a wolf and eat me.

Some of the trail riders! See my Roxy ear in the corner? 

The trail ride was fun, but after I thought my girl was going to ride me more. Instead, she tied me to a post, where I stood very nicely. During this time she rode a palomino Morgan mare. The mare is really funny, her name is Lily, I have a feeling she will ride this silly mare more.

Over all it was a good day for Roxy! I had lots of fun, and I love being in charge of everyone. Maybe my girl will take me out on more trail rides!

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