Friday, March 2, 2012


I just spent the last 2 hours, rummaging around the family computer looking for (you guessed it) horse pictures. And I found some! I found picture all the way back to when I first started taking lessons. On the horses that I first sparked a love of riding. There are a few select photos of Roxy that I know are printed out and scrap booked, but no longer on the computer, so I'll have to make copies of those. I did find tons though! So exciting. I also found lots of old lesson horses. I want to highlight some of the fantastic old geldings and mares that taught tons of kids to love horses. I also found show pictures, and what I originally started looking for- fat Roxy pictures! I'll get some posts up with them soon!
"Please don't post this picture of me mom, I look fat and mean. I swear I'm a stone cold fox, and polite 100% of the time"


  1. I am so happy that you linked to the blog hop. It's always fun to 'meet' new friends online!
    Your comment about school horses took me back on a wonderful 'slideshow' in my brain. When I was learning to ride I never gave those horses much credit, and sadly, I have forgotten so many of their names... but not their faces or their antics! A good school horse is worth his/her weight in gold!
    I'll be doing the blog hop each Friday - and the link will always be on my sidebar. So, come on back!

    1. You know, I linked to it, but I never followed through. I think I just submitted my blog, then never did the post thing. I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to all this blogging stuff! haha

      Now I read your post, and I think I get it. I'll post my blog hop post now! :) Thanks for starting something so cool.