Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nick Names

Personally, I think that I have the funniest, most lovely horse in the world. Roxy is smart, silly, sassy, and tons of other things. Thus she gets all sorts of nicknames. Here's a list of the most common ones:
Foxy- Who could resist calling her 'Foxy Roxy?'
Fox- It was only natural that 'Foxy Roxy' would turn into Fox. This is her most common name, possibly more common then Roxy.
Bear- Anyone who owns a Poco Bueno bred horse knows how fluffy they get during winter. Roxy is the FLUFFIEST most hideous creature in winter. It is because of all of this fluffy hair that she is a bear. 
Creature & Beast- Similar to when a child is called by their whole name, these are reserved for when Roxy is in trouble. 

Other note worthy nicknames at the ranch:

Tahiti- Often referred to as 'Black Bitch' because she is so mean. 
Dolly- I call her Dandy. Dolly's registered name is Sheza Little Pistol. Previous to my mother owning her she was 'Pistol' we changed her name to 'Dolly' after 'Dandy Doll' who is Doc Bar's dam. She's not a Doll for me though, so I much prefer Dandy.

Do you have any nicknames for your horses?


  1. Shyloh is usually called Shy. Sometimes I call her Lil Bit, because she looks so small compared to other horses at our barn. I am sure there are a ton more depending on my mood and her sassyness!

  2. Foxy ROxy is what I call my best friend Roxanne. :)

    My nicknames for my horse include: Moshmos, Juicebox, Muffin Man, Car Car, Hector, Pesadilla,

    One woman in the barn call him Carkey.

  3. I have been trying for the life of me to come up with Nick names for my horse. I basically just call him G, his registered name is Gjonstone Hr. Not much to go on there lol. I am very jealous of your nicknames!! lol

    1. Hmm lets see what we could come up with from Jjonstone Hr.
      Personally, I'd call him 'Human Resources' but that's a little long, and calling the horse 'Human' would seem strange. ;)

      How about Stone? Or Jon? It is (obviously) hard to just blindly guess without actually meeting your little guy. I like G too, it's simple and to the point.

  4. I actually said to my bf the other day that we have SUPER weird nicknames for our horses. Basically they are all shortened versions of their names, repeated. For example-

    Lady- Lay-lay.
    Sugar- Sug-Sug (also known as Scooga, Suga-baby or Shugsa lol)
    Sunny- Sun-Sun.
    Jack- He gets Jacky boy, Jackimo (as in Jackimo Cassanova lol) and Mo-mo.

    They also get fillies, fella, handsome, babies, pretty babies. . I'm going to stop now lol.

    1. Hey, at least you're consistent! lol

      My girls hear plenty of good Good girl, sweet mare, pretty mare, all that jazz.