Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Unwanted Soul

Today I have done something absolutely crazy. There is some property across the street, and they simply don't know much about horses. The guy that was caring for the horses suddenly left, leaving three horses without a caretaker. Three horses that were not fed since Thursday. That's 3 days, with no meals planned. One of the horses, a sweet arabian mare, used to be owned by a boarder on our property. The other is an adorable little mare, and the last is a super cute mustang.
I've never been fond of mustangs, and honestly I don't know a single person who is. They are always just a little unpredictable and wild. But this poor little guy is being starved, and neglected. He had metal coiled in his tail, and BROKEN GLASS is all over. His feet are horrific because "He won't let you lift them." The horses are skinny and wormy. They need some good meals, and some wormer. The horse that used to be boarded on the property came back, two girls decided to share the sweet little quarter horse. That leaves the 'wild' mustang colt. He has the BLM tattoo, and they've owned him for 2 years. That's about all that we know.
Tomorrow morning I will be bringing home the sweet little fellow. He was gentle on the ground, let us pet him, stood still, was not scared of us at all, and he is so cute. Myself and a dear friend have decided to rescue him. We want to pick a Hebrew name for him. He's a dark bay, with a light muzzle, and is just ADORABLE.
Pictures are sure to come tomorrow, and I'll let everyone know how the day goes. I've been wanting to get a new project horse, and I think he was really placed here for a reason. This poor little guy has been passed around, and he truly needs a home. I imagine he is about 4 years old (oh Roxy's age when I bought her). He's been saddled, but never successfully ridden. I think with a little time, love, food, and proper handling he could come very far. Did I mention he's adorable? I have experience working with rescues, and young horses so I think this fella may have found a forever home.

Any rescue stories you want to share?


  1. If there was a like button for this I would push it until my mouse broke lol. I hope he works out for you! I can't believe he has wire in his tail and broken glass everywhere, poor guy! =(

    Good on you for stepping up and helping him out of a bad situation!

    1. I'm hoping that he's tamable, and not as wild as they make him out to be. Now walking him over to our property tomorrow might be a bit of a struggle, but I am so excited to give him a good grooming, some food, and lots of love. I only hope that he will work for the lesson program so that he can stay with me.

  2. That's so exciting! God bless you for rescuing him. I myself really want to rescue a Belgian from an auction one day when I'm older...I can't wait! Post some pictures and keep us updated. :) Good luck!
    (My email account is linked to this profile, and I'm always too lazy to log out and back in again...)