Sunday, March 4, 2012

My First Blue

My first blue ribbon I won at my first show! It was a little ranch show that my BO/trainer put on for all of us. It was a valentines show, hence all of the red shirts. I won the ribbon in the event 'musical poles'. If you've never played, it's hilarious, and I'm planning on having my girls play it sometime. Imagine musical chairs, only on a horseback. And we were relatively green riders. We could all lope, and most of us even galloped on the track to build our horses up, but some of us were pretty green. The event started out with around 20 kids I would say. It was packed. 
Looking back I have no clue how my trainer kept that many of us, and taught us all so well. She is a force of nature, that I hope to some day emulate. 

Jessica on Missy, and Myself on Roxy.

We were down down to the very last pole, and the last two riders- myself and my good friend Jessica. I'm a pretty bold person, and Jessica is very timid. So when the music stopped I kicked Roxy, and we ran to that last pole. Roxy had an awful stop at that point, so I'm pretty sure everyone thought that we were just going to breeze past it. Everyone except for Jessica. I jammed on the breaks, and turned Roxy, grabbed onto that pole for dear life, and made my horse stop.

We smiled, and laughed after, assuring everyone that we would not become archenemies.

  I was soon after awarded my first blue ribbon!! Look how excited I was with my fat, fluffy, sweaty, dun monster!

What was your first victory? Whether it be in training, or in the show ring.


  1. I've played a game similar to that but it was musica horses. We had to ride around on one horse while the music played, when it stopped jump down and run to another horse. It was crazyyyy. Horses walking around with riders climbing up on both sides of horses. So much fun. Congrats on your Blue(:

    1. That sounds so incredibly dangerous, but at the same time incredible fun! I feel like it would even be fun to watch! Do you have videos of it? If so you should post them!