Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lessons Canceled, Sick in bed

I missed a wordless Wednesday, but I promise you, I missed a lot more then that yesterday. I was so sick. I was up all night, then asleep all day. Usually when I'm sick, I'm still pretty functional. Not the case for yesterday. I was in bed (my parent's bed in fact) asleep. No knitting, no embroidery, no art, not even watching tv or on the computer.

This is one of those times when I'm glad that I still live at home. I had my parents to bring me cups of ice, medicine, and offer me food off and on all day. My parents have unique work schedules, both being self employed, so I saw them both off and on throughout the day.

I had to cancel my lesson. Unfortunately, it was both client's first lesson. I absolutely hate canceling first lessons. Scratch that, I hate to cancel lessons at all. This new job as a preschool teacher is for the income alone. It's not satisfying or rewarding. Teaching lessons is more then just for the income (which does cover more then board, feed, and my car payment). Spreading a love for horses, and giving riders a solid foundation, where they are actually learning to ride properly, is rewarding. In addition I love working with horses, and teaching the horse's themselves.

Back to the main idea though. I was so sick. Yesterday I was at like 30%, today I'm at 85% functioning. I will be out at the ranch today. Not to ride, but to pay board (I pay hay on the weekend), lunge my girls, and to teach a lesson.