Monday, January 28, 2013


Today's post is a rather short one... As posted recently, Blossom is for sale. I don't like 'flipping' my horses. I want to find a herd that I am happy with and stick to it. But Blossom just doesn't work out for me, and I think that she could have a much happier life.

I was offered a trade for my little Pony, a Haflinger gelding currently named Spider. Spider is 2 years old, and it sounds as though he is saddle broke, ties, has worn a harness, but hasn't actually been started under saddle- which I like. 2 years is too young to be started under saddle in my opinion. Especially on a slow maturing breed like the Haflinger.

Blossom would live in a pasture with other ponies in beautiful southern California wine country for the majority of the year, going to events a few times a year. She would give pony rides in one of those hot walker type things- I forget the name of those things.

So assuming that he isn't too awkward, friendly, easy going, and calm, I might just be the owner of a Haflinger 2 year old. Hopefully he'll be very sweet and kind, and he and Nova can be best buddies living together.

The first thing I plan on doing to his mane

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Boarding Options

I live in southern California. Despite my personal obsession, this is not horse country. Pasture boarding is pretty much unheard of down here. As my specific barn (which I have now come to terms with the notion that I will stay here until I purchase my own property), we REALLY don't do pasture boarding. But what we do partake in, is 2 or 3 horses living in a very over sized stall. Why am I talking about over sized stalls you may ask? Surely Roxy is too nasty and aggressive to live with anyone else. Oh yes, Roxy would not be a good stall mate, but Nova sure would be.

I think that Nova would really benefit from living with another horse. After owning Roxy; who was raised in a pasture in Washington with other mothers and foals, and then having Nova- who was raised with turn outs with her own mother, and other foals; I see the true difference in having a baby raised in a true pasture. I think that she missed out on many social skills. After selling Blossom, which I am in no hurry to do, my plan is to purchase a very kind large pony to live with Nova, maybe something in the 12 hand range.

When I did research no one mentioned injuries as a concern. I am personally slightly terrified of letting Nova live with a super kind quite little horse, and it gets angry kicks and permanently lames her. Does no one else have this fear? The number one 'con' that I read was your horse will get dirty. Dirty is not my fear. Nova is filthy, I have given up. She gets this filth spot on her hip THROUGH A BLANKET. She wears a sheet 24x7! I never want to own a light colored horse again. I hear that's what all light colored horse owners say though. But back to pasture boarding!

Does anyone know of any good resources about boarding with horses sharing an over sized stall. Personal opinions, and experiences would also be highly valued.

This is the only source that I found, most people here thought it was pretty much fine, however they didn't really give much good information.

Monday, January 21, 2013

First Post All Year!

Oh my goodness, it is already the end of January and I haven't made yet! I have been so nice and busy! I have been riding a TON. My main goal of the year is to get Nova really broke. I am not certain that I will be keeping her. That's right, I may sell my little filly. It depends on where my personal goals take me.

I bought Nova to be a barrel filly. But when I got her home I realized that she just is not as fast as I'd like a barrel mare to be. But I am currently running for a Rodeo Pageant, and Nova would make a great pageant and parade horse. She is so mellow, and NOTHING scares her at all. Roxy is pretty hot headed and spooky lately. I also have a baby craving. Not so much of the human variety, but the weanling type. It is a bad craving.

In other news, I am now an official horse purchaser. Not for myself (I wish buying horses was a legitimate hobby), but for my friends and ranch-mates. I have recently found 4 wonderful very sound horses. The first was Nova, my sweet little filly whom I love so much. The second was Belle, a friend's DEAD BROKE bomb proof trail mare. She's an amazing Appaloosa, and PERFECT for her. Then I recently found a new friend a little abused mare. Very sound, and super cute red dun quarter horse. She wanted a horse to bond with, and use on trail, this is a mare that will form a very tight bond quickly. Then the 4th horse that I've found recently was Blossom, my darling pony whom loves me so so much.

Unfortunately Blossom is just too little, and she hates arena work. So she isn't working out in my lesson program. She needs to go be a horse family's trail pony. I am hoping to get a slightly bigger pony that may or may not live with Nova in a pasture stall. I really want to get Nova into a large stall with another horse. I think she would benefit from it socially.

So that is where I'm at currently. Buying, selling, training, lessons, the usual.