Friday, March 2, 2012

My Sweet girls

I have been so fortunate to have found such sweet little mares! Dolly is done with her 2 week break, she's fresh and ready for lessons again. She showed me this yesterday, when 19 year old Jamie had her first lesson. Dolly was an absolute angel. She jogged for her, she responded to leg cues. She transitioned beautifully. This is one of the reasons I love using Dolly as a lesson horse, she has spectacular training, but is not a push button mare.

I rode Roxy, despite being sick. I just really like to ride at my client's first lesson, to show them that I actually can. This girl wants to work on gymkhana, fantastic! I love gymkhana, and this girl is pretty capable. We practiced speed barrels, and I even let her trot the course a few times. I like my clients to work really hard on something a few times, and then let their horses walk a lap so they don't shut down or get bored. So during their cool offs, I get to practice my riding. 

When I ride it's a nice time to let them observe what they will be working up to. I just ride quietly, and I'm thankful to a have a great demonstration horse who isn't too hot. I could tell that she was excited by my run, and Roxy was too. 

I like to point out horse behavior in my lessons too, I think it's vital to be able to read horses. Roxy gets excited after running, she snorts, and chews the bit (one of the reasons that I always work her in a bit with a roller). I pointed this out to J, she nodded and I could tell that she really understood Roxy's excitement. 

Tomorrow our my group lessons. I have my little girl's lesson at 9, and my adult lesson at 11. In addition I'll be doing some stalls. Hopefully it doesn't kill me! haha I'm still pretty achy from being sick.

 My girls enjoying a little pre-lesson snack
Everyone please notice Roxy's lovely curly tail ;)


  1. im so jealous of the beautiful weather you get to ride in!! looks like your lessons are really picking up as well!

    1. Thank you! We've had super weather down here lately. Today was a little hot, in the high 70s, tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80s. But I can't complain! And lessons are picking up. My little girls all did absolutely fantastic today! It was amazing.