Friday, February 10, 2012

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery, and Today is a gift- that's why they call it the present

That quote is written on I book that I have taken to writing in. As honest, and truthful as I try to make these blog posts, some stuff is personal. And I collect those thoughts in my blue journal.
I've been living in the future. Who will I become? Where am I going? What do I want to do? I also feel really stuck. I absolutely love riding, but I am aware that is near impossible to support myself with riding alone. I've been thinking about some certifications, or trade school. Just thinking though, no action has been taken, no one has heard a word of it yet. I feel like as soon as I tell someone I need to make it happen, and I am not sure if that is what I want.
I've been thinking about becoming a certified fitness, or yoga, instructor. I am passionate about fitness and health, and why shouldn't everyone be? This is the only body you get- treat it with respect and love. Just like our horses, we don't push them too far, we pride our self in keeping our horses in top shape, so in their old age they will still be a fantastic partner. Why not treat our own bodies the same? Unfortunately I have no savings, and I am certain that these certifications are pricey. Oh I also have no credit, so I will not be accepted for loans, and my parent's can't cosign. Again, I feel stuck. I know that I can make it work out though, I just need a little motivation to do so.

On a better note, I realized that I have yet to do a post about Dolly. Dolly dislikes me, so naturally I ride Roxy more. Dolly is almost 19, and she has gotten to a point where she isn't really learning anything new. Another reason I don't ride her. I'm not one for exercising, I like to train when I ride. Dolly is the way that she is, she is not going to be learning any new tricks. Roxy is young, and wants to learn. I enjoy training, exercising isn't something fun for me. With my bad hips, I try to make the most out of each ride, so naturally I train really hard for a short period of time. Roxy gets ridden 4 days a week for about 15-30min a ride. I also plot around during lessons on her- but I am trying to reduce that too. Back to the point, I'm going to get Dolly out this weekend and I'll take some photos of my yucky mares with their thick awful winter coats. If it made sense to blanket horses in California mine would wear 5.


  1. what about a degree is kinesiology, or becoming a nutricionist (spelt wrong i know lol) both are careers where you can more or less pick your hours and directly relate to horses. Or becoming a Ferrier, or a equine chiropractor... the options are endless :) if i was you i would apply for a small limit credit card to help build some credit (only put gas on it and pay it off ever check etc) and just let life iron itself out for a little. You are young enjoy doing what you are doing and breathe a little. All my friends that are trainers work 9-5 reception type jobs that they dont particularily like but it pays the bills until they can afford to do something that makes them ultimatly happy somthing with their horses.

    1. I am just not interested in a typical 4 year degree. I mentioned Ferrier to my mother, and I thought she was going to pass out. However, I do now that if I get certified I want do it in something outside of horses. Horses are my passion, I don't want to ruin that by making them my career.
      I do have a credit card, I pay my car payments on that, but that takes a year before the credit bureau starts reporting on it. So I've got another 8 months before that kicks in.

      I'm actually looking for receptionist work right now. I think I mentioned it before but where I live there is literally nothing for people without 5+years of experience. I've just got to keep trying and I know that I'll find something to make it work out.