Monday, February 13, 2012


Thank god that the biggest horses were bred to be the most gentle! Imagine if a draft horse 17hand high wanted to eat you. It would NOT be good. I have had my first experience with a big boy. His name is Max, he is half saddle bred (or national show horse, or standard bred, one of those very upright awkward looking horses), and half Friesian. Lots of people around the barn think he's awful looking, but I love Max.
He is about 5 years old, and I broke him. Well I started to break him. I was riding him in a bull pen, getting him used to the bit. He was never fearful of the saddle. I started him very slowly, he has the attention span of a knat. In 10min bursts I lunged him, tacked him up, and offer him the bit. He is the most willing horse, and has never once refused anything. He has a heart of gold, and I hope that his owner knows that. This heart of gold I know he has gotten from his mom, because I ride her as well. Her name is Wendy, and I absolutely love that ugly mare!
She is blind in one eye, has a long face, and is just overall awkward in my opinion. But Wendy is brave, loving, and smooth. My trainer had me starting her on barrels, but she was never finished. Wendy and Max's owner also owns the most hideous arab resuce. The poor guy is called 'Pony' his real name is Cowboy though. He is not only ugly, but mean too- I'll snap a picture of him sometime just to show how awful he is.

Back to Max! So I wanted to post a few photos of him, and see how you guys think I should finish him. I started him last summer, then an awful rider just beat him to death. She did not take the time to read him, and see Max trying. The only other horse she rode was a feisty arab that needed a firm hand, Max is too gentle for that. I got on him yesterday, and he responds ok to the bit. I was thinking of putting him into a hackamore and trying that. So here are some photos of this big boy! What do you think he'd be good at? I was thinking dressage, but I don't have much experience there and I wouldn't want to mess him up at all. Oh and please ignore the tennis shoes. My hips were killing me that day and I couldn't even think about putting on shoes with less support then those. I generally ride him in my boots with spurs.


  1. Depending on how he moves I am thinking hunter jumper. He has a nice long back and a decent head set.

    1. I initially thought hunter jumper. Due to his breeding is already so forward, I can't justify putting so much extra strain on his front end. Not to mention my trainer is highly against jumping the horses. It's just too hard to their legs to due it regularly.