Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yesterday I taught a lesson, or should I say I organised a lesson. My trainer secretly loves to teach me group lessons. Now don't get me wrong- I absolutely love having her help. But I know that she loves teaches the group lessons. The lesson yesterday went well, I had 3 little girls. They did pretty good. The practiced ground poles, a figure 8 across the arena, and then the advanced kids practiced trotting, and my bravest little girl got to lope! She did so good! When she told her horse to stop though she's so tiny, she popped off the front of the saddle, and ended up on her horse's neck! Which is funny because I am constantly telling her to keep her legs forward, now she saw exactly what happens when you don't!

One horse, Fred, was being bad, and I had reprimanded him a few times (with a jerk on the bit from the ground). He didn't want to walk for the little girl, so I walked over to him. Fred knew I was going to disciplined him, and he took off bucking and bolting. He was not trying to get her off though, he was just bucking at me and she happened to be on top. My trainer and mother both thought that she was coming off, but I just did not. I told her to keep her legs forward and pull back on the reins. She of course did not, but he stopped about a 1/4 down the arena from me, with the little girl still on top!

Now I had to go rescue her, but Fred still didn't want me near him. I told him hoe, and stand, had her pull back on the reins, and quietly approached him. We pulled her off, poor little girl was crying. I got on the old man and loped him aggressively for about 20min. Fred is pleasure broke, and has a big goofy lope, so my hips are still killing me.

The little girl was calmed down, do we wanted to get her back up. We pulled the biggest girl (who was on the most gentle horse), off of General, and we put her onto Fred. Then the little girl who almost came off was put on General, and I walked around with her for a bit so she'd feel comfortable. She ended up able to walk alone by the time free time came around!

An unrelated Photo of Dolly
Later that day I went to buy some Super 14 (a coat enhancement supplement), some 4 way for my trainer, and my mom got senior feed for Dolly (I guess the photo was related!). We also brought pizzas and had a little party before putting up a corral. We all visited, then everyone but my mother, trainer, and myself left. We were reminiscing the good old days, I used to be rather sassy ;) and my trainer hated dealing with me. But she liked how I rode, so she stuck with me.

My trainer at one point told me "And now we're partners!" Oh my goodness. My trainer doesn't give praise very often, so when she does it means that much more. She also told me that her husband was putting on the pressure for the family to move closer to where he works. And she told me that she would leave me as the manager when she left. A dream come true. I think the ranch is 10 acres, it has a fantastic $5000 arena that has been well kept. It is just fantastic in my eyes. I know that it is a little janky right now, but I feel like I could really make it great. My heart is in it, this is what I want to do. I know that my trainer saying that might mean it'll happen in a couple of years, but just knowing that she knows that I can do it is extremely powerful.

I am heading out there again today to ride the 'Black Bitch'. A horse that was not 'abused' as in beaten, but she was severely neglected. She is an absolutely lovely paint mare, a big thick blaze, 4 white legs, and a big white spot hidden under her belly. She is also the second meanest horse I have ever met. She pins her ears when you come up to her with a bucket of grain. What horse does that? I'll report on 'the black bitch' later today or tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on the great compliment. And I'm glad the little girl didn't fall off and got back on.

    1. Thanks! It is really wonderful to hear my trainer say something like that. It's even better that the girl got back on and finished her ride on a good note.