Sunday, February 5, 2012

Only Roxy

All week long I have had an angel. I'm riding out there all alone after my lessons, in peace and solitude and she is fantastic. The one time I have a photographer out there, and my trainer watching, my horse is a not so hot mess. I think her and Dolly are both going into season. However, the portion that my mom did not record, the western pleasure section looked great! She was jogging beautifully, keeping her top line and headset even. I am going to start taking my tripod out to the ranch again so I can show everyone that I actually do have a lovely little mare.

After watching the video, I realized that I continued to drive her over long after she picked up the correct leads. I really need to be watching more to see right when she picks it up and release the pressure. I will get another video up soon, and see if she was just being obstinate because she had an audience today.

On another note, my lesson did good. Her horse just wanted his breakfast, but she stuck with him, and made him listen to her. She is planning on showing next season. Anyone have a good list for show attire? Western pleasure, and english equ for a junior rider. I think that I have lost my list, so I need to put together a new one.

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