Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Doing What Roxy Does Best

Roxy is a gymkhana horse. She loves to run, to turn, to run, did I mention running? This mare is agile and sleek. She's well muscled, and toned. When we were showing 4h the 6 year old was beating seasoned horses, and almost always coming in first or second. This is her sport. Not to say the mare isn't capable of refined work too. I'll get some videos of that sometime. The videos below are at local 4h shows, the first 2 are 2 years old, the last one is 3 or 4 years old.

Key Hole- Running into a marked space without touching any of the chalk. We got a no time because we hit the white line.

Golf Ball- Running down to a cone, and (trying) to place a golf ball inside. We got a 12.85sec!
Speed Barrels- Running, and turning around 3 barrels down and back. Took us 12.27sec!

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