Tuesday, February 14, 2012


What is with all this discrimination against mares? I love my girls. Some people seem to have this intense hatred of mares though! Why is it?  I have met tons of geldings that I dislike, but oddly enough, I have never met a mare that I didn't instant love.
Of course there is an exception to every rule, but I think mare's make better mounts. They are feisty, they don't just give in to what you say. And they teach us about respect. Just like hormonal teenagers, some mares get extra feisty once a month. No matter how much you whip, spur, or beat an in season mare they just like to fight.
I worked with a kinky mare once, who actually got turned on by the (not abusive) whipping, and spurring. She would get so excited that she would stop everything, and squirt. With regular work she got over this huge issue though.
But back to my point! Mare's humble us as riders. They teach us that you have to be aware of your horse, and how she is feeling. Who can blame an in season mare for not wanting to run barrels? I sure as hell would put up a fit if you pulled me out of bed when I had cramps.
A gelding, poor boy, never has any excuse for being moody. So you don't have to care about his feelings, or how he feels that day. This is what makes them fantastic beginner horses, but once you step it up mares teach about ownership. I have never owned, or regularly cared for a gelding. And that is just fine. I will take my girls any day.
Like these girls are even thinking of coming when called

What's your opinion? Are you a mare kinda rider? Or are you purely a gelding fan? Any stories about kinky in season mares? Have you ever thought to have sympathy for you in season mare, or have you been told that they should 'work through it'?


  1. I see a lot of mare discrimination at my barn. Of course, there are only 4 mares there right now.
    I love my mare! She has so much personality. She can get crabby, but she is never mean and always tried her best to do what is asked of her. She does not show signs of cramps or anything when she is in season, but she is on a raspberry leaf supplement. So far, we have not had any issues.
    I think the mares are more fun than geldings, too.

  2. I am a mare girl as well. Mom always said we probably wouldn't be able to have another mare with Pippi being head witch but I have only liked a few geldings. I like mares because no matter have tired they get they still give it there all and some geldings just quit. And I like them frisky too.

  3. I like our mare (Pippi, Miranda and my horse), and I think Mare's are safer mounts. They will not allow you to do anything stupid to endanger them, and although that can be a challenge (when you don't agree that it is indeed a danger) I appreciate that they look out for you. A gelding is more likely to walk you right off a cliff, while a mare will refuse. Just my opinion.

  4. Geldings are the best starter horses, period. My sainted first horse was a gelding. But I do love mares now - it's so much fun negotiating with them!

    1. See, I disagree. I don't like putting beginners up on push button horses (not to say all geldings are). I like a horse that will fight a little. Generally I start riders on an older horse that I know will not take off with them, but a horse that isn't going to listen perfectly. It gives the rider something to actually do, so they feel challenged. The rewarding feeling we get from riding can't come without doing a little work.