Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roxy's Rant #1: Valentine Day

My girl and her boyfriend! This photo was taken on a weekend that she was home from college, her smile is how you know that she missed me. 

My girl came out to ride me today! She had me 'put on a show' for another girl who she is going to train. I like to act up, just ever so slightly when I am at home being watched. Like pushing through the bit at the canter, or breaking gait. Basic silly things that the girl could not reeeally yell at me for. I was pretty good today though, if I do say so myself. 

Then the girl left me tied for about an hour. Thanks mom. I love to stand with all my tack on, and the bit in my mouth. That is my absolute favorite. I know I stand real pretty, I do not pace, dig, or whinny, but I still hate it. And you know it. What was even worse is when you and he girl came back with that other mare. Then you rode her. Each time you walked past I tried giving you the 'Sweet little Mare' face. You just told me "Oh pretty mare, what a good girl!" and walked right past. Thanks again. I guess you made up for it by not making me do too much. All we did was pony that bratty mare around the arena a few laps. I think I can whip her into shape in no time at all. I am the queen of the property after all. 

Today was Valentines day! I suppose that's why you cleaned my tail (not that it was dirty, I am a clean mare unlike miss-dolly-pees-in-her-tail). I must have a hot date with the mini gelding tonight (Roxy's neighbor- pictures sure to come he's adorable)! Bath day is always a fantastic time to munch on the grass, and find the loose hay from when it was delivered. I sure wish summer would come so I wouldn't look so ragged with this gnarly poco bueno winter coat I get. Then maybe I would be more presentable for a photoshoot. Oh and I am glad that the girl also noticed how much I have grown. I am now officially 15.2hands high! No longer the 15.1 filly you bought almost 5 years ago! Gentlemen, step right up for this smokin' hot lady, I'm taking numbers this week only. 

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