Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Girls

So I have started what I'm calling my 'Little girls lesson' I have 4 girls, ages 9-15 that are riding together in a group lesson. One of the girls is a gymkhana rider, who I'm trying so desperately to put a foundation back onto. She was riding 100% finished barrel horses, and just hanging on and letting them run the pattern. So this poor child thinks that she can ride, when in reality it's a miracle she isn't falling off. We've been working together for over a month now, and she's starting to become such a good little rider!

So I've decided that at this lesson on Saturday the girls will work on speed barrels. It's a basic gymkhana pattern, that the youngest can demonstrate, and they can all do. Also we want to work on everyone's seat, and getting them sitting properly.

So I'm very excited about this lesson Saturday! I think the girls are going to do spectacularly. Oh and horses, I'm writing this down so I don't forget.

The youngest on Charlie, next on Sparkles, next on Jasmine, and the oldest on Dolly!

Charlie is a lovely, big brown quarter horse. He's all around broke, but mostly western pleasure.
Sparkles is a tall ex reining horse.
Jasmine is a friend of mine's she's hanoverian/quarter horse, and pleasure broke- she used to do gymkhana and a little jumping too though.
Dolly- well Dolly is one of mine that I introduced early.

And I'll ride my trusty steed, Roxy. Hopefully she'll surprise me with more of her pleasant antics this weekend.

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