Monday, February 27, 2012


My life has been absolute chaos lately. Thus, the lack of updating. Blogging has become quite theraputic, and a nice little reflection for me. I promise once summer comes to get some new photos of my girls- I just can not stand thick bushy winter coats, yuck! Once they slick out I'll feel more like photographing them.
I finally found myself a job, but I'm still a little iffy. I'm working at my mother's preschool as an infant/toddler teacher. I'm still just a little iffy about it. My mother micromanages, and nothing is ever quite good enough. So I'm a bit worried about the job. The hours are absolute perfection, the pay is ok. I'm working 7:15-1pm, so I have the whole day to go ride, teach lessons, and what not.
Remember the black paint mare that I introduced earlier,Tahiti?
Tahiti is now my trainer (and myself's) newest lesson horse! We decide to keep her, despite the fact that she's a giant. Tahiti is around 20, and dead broke. She is now an intermediate lesson horse in our program! I am so excited that she is off the market, and we're keeping her! Our lesson horse gang is quite fantastic if I might say so myself. We now have 2 beginners (Fred, General); and 2 intermediate horses (Charlie,and Tahiti). and 3 cross over horses (Damascus, Dolly, and Sparkles)! That gives us 7 horses to match with our riders, and we usually find a great fit- plus our pony Boo-Boo whom is currently on all alfalfa and too hot for lessons. Once she calms down she'll make a great beginner horse.
Speaking of lessons, they have really picked up! My little girls lesson is going quite well. My show prospect, 10 year old V just started trotting! And we found V's horse- Sparkles, they make a fantastic pair. I have thought briefly about starting some roping again. They also have team penning down the road, I might see about starting Roxy on that. I heard that she loves cows- so we'll see! I'll try to get some experience, and perhaps some photos too.

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