Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm thinking of starting a little garden in my backyard. I've always had a green thumb, and I think that anything I care for needs to give something back- so it is only natural to plant food. Now I am not a 'food hippy' or anything. I eat red meat, and have Mc Donalds and Burger King more than I should. But I know planting a garden is good means to supply healthier food, as it hasn't been doused in chemicals. Not only that but it'll give me a little hobby. Something to do. I really need something to do all day long.
I was cleaning. Constantly. I would say it was nearing obsessively. I was doing laundry like 3 times a day, and dishes like 5. I even got a scruffy and scrubbed the years of dust and grease off of the top of the cabinets. OH and I scrubbed all the walls (who in the world does that?). I'm too private about my art to risk my parents waltzing in to see all of my pastels out; they want to see pieces before they are finished, and I'm just not always ready to show them until they are done. The ranch is a half hour journey, and I don't really have the money to spend on gas. So I think a garden might fill in this time void.

Back to the topic of money though! I may have found myself a job. The position is as a receptionist at a pet grooming salon. I think it could be fun! And it's a little over half way to the ranch, so it would be perfect to work before, or after my lessons. The position does not pay well, and it is only about 18 hours a week, so I'd be getting about $600 a month. Add that to the $700 I am making teaching riding lessons. Minus all of my bills, and I'm left with just under $1,000 Not too bad right? And then I could even make bigger payments and pay off my car quicker. Options, options.

Now I do have a question for you. I've been thinking about getting some riding instructor certification. It is hard to judge if that is even something people look at. And if they do take this into mind, what certification should I get? I was looking at <a href=""ARIA"</a> is that a legitimate program? What do you guys think? Remember, I mainly work in the western world, so where I think this matters more in English would western riders look for this? The break in the cost of insurance might be enough to make it worth it though.

I thought that I would leave you with a picture of a rather grumpy Roxy


  1. I love the garden idea. I am hoping this summer to plan a small veggie garden if i can find a way to keep my dogs out of it and well living in Canada does not make for the best gardening. Thats great about the job it will make life easier for now until you build your clientelle. The insurance is very important i work in insurance and make sure that you have your waivers in place to prevent any potential lawsuits. I dont know much about the licensing down there or western. But when i am looking for a trainer i look more for what they have accomplished than licenses. Riding Dressage i want an instructor that has competed at least PSG so they are able to help me move forward faster! :)

  2. Pesky dogs, always finding something that they want to eat! I got luck and my dog doesn't chew on anything. I have friends in Costa Rica and they have a cow that would trample plants and eat them. It was too funny!

    I work under my trainer/barn manager's insurance and I know that it's vital. 100lbs animals that are very easily scared can be quite dangerous for little children to work with.

    That was kind of my line of thought about the certification. I've got my show record to back up my training.