Friday, April 6, 2012

The Stunning California Coast

Sorry that I have been so mia, I was on spring break! The preschool that I work at follows the school district for breaks, so we get a spring break. Me and my mother (mostly me) decided to go on a vacation. So we drove up to the central valley to visit some family. I drove all 6 hours up by myself, and on the way back I did most of the driving too. My mother did drive us through LA, which was very traffic heavy.

We were visiting some very close friends. We stayed in their BEAUTIFUL new home. It's a mansion- seriously. It's very grand but it wasn't over the top. There was lots of wood beams, high ceilings, and hardwood floors. My cousin has a beautiful eye for decoration too. As large as it was, it was still very comfortable, you didn't feel out of place. It was 6 bedroom (one is a man cave, another an office), it had a formal dining room, a large living room, a great kitchen, and like a million bathrooms. One of the bathrooms has a hot tub. They say that they use it all the time too!

Well this family lives about 35minuets from Cal Poly, so I got to visit the boyfriend a couple of times. I told him about how beautiful my cousin's house was, and how I couldn't wait to get my own to decorate.
He sighed and told me "No."
"What?" I asked him
"I am not buying you a house," He responded.
We joke a lot. I hope that never leaves out relationship. We share a lot of laughter together, it's rather nice.

We had such a nice time we decided not to come home for another day. What was a quick up and back trip turned into most of the week! Although I am now missing the Buck Brannaman clinic, I would say a much needed vacation is worth it.

Now I am so excited to head out to the ranch today! I get to saddle up and lunge the colt, ride my Roxy, and give a lesson to my niece. I also have a little boy who is getting a lesson, and I have what are probably the worst stalls on earth to clean- YUCK! I usually clean tuesday, but I asked to switch to fri. The girl who does them with me is out of town. So I seriously think they haven't been done since Monday morning. Soooo gross. Hopefully my mom will help me.

Do you have any spring break adventures?

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