Monday, April 16, 2012

A Beautiful Week

Last week was BEAUTIFUL. I helped run a birthday party with my trainer/BO. It went super smooth and was fun! I also rode Roxy pretty hard. I have decided to show her again.

We are going to take the summer to train the spots off of her! Oh wait she wasn't born with spots... I have started pleasure training her really hard. Really riding her ass and getting her to collect, and keep her head down. I'm using running reins through my super nice o ring snaffle right now. She does so good too. We had one horse at the ranch that would literally drag her dirt in the nose when you free lunged her, she was just a natural born pleasure horse. Roxy has a good head set, and with a little work it will be great.
The last of our Show Days (2009)

We are also doing a lot of reining. I am planning on showing the tumbleweed circuit next season. Roxy's 10, if I'm really serious about training and showing she'll start doing fantastic at shows.

On to Gideon! Wow my little guy is doing GREAT. He is so stinkin' cute too. He's growing quickly, tomorrow I'm picking up some red cell to feed him so we can really pack the pounds on. My trainer said another 50lbs and I can ride him! I put pressure on his back for the first time on Saturday. I brought him close to the railing in the round pen, climbed up, and then leaned over him. I stroked the opposite side of his barrel, and pressed with my hands against his back. Then, while keeping a hand on the railing, I leaned over him. He put his ears back slightly, and raised his head, but his feet didn't move! I am just amazed by his bravery. I imagine it'll take about 2-3weeks to get him 50lbs up, so I am using that time to get him super ready to be ridden. I want his first ride to be the most uneventful thing in the whole world. He still worries me a little. But lots of people love mustangs, they really are a completely different breed. His mustangness just continued to amuse me.

How's the weather where you are? Is it starting to warm up yet?


  1. It is warm, but so windy here!
    Good job with Gideon!

    1. I am thankful for the sunshine! Yesterday was so warm that I got a sunburn!

  2. I love how versatile Roxy is. I kinda want to do reining with Pip but I have no idea where to begin.

    1. Give Pip the chance to show you how versatile she can be! I'm sure that she'll surprise you, and that she will LOVE a change of pace. Horses like to be challenged, and it'll make her even more excited to do what she really loves, which in turn makes you more excited about riding.

      Do you have a western saddle? I would be more then happy to coach through advice, and critique. From what I have seen you are a great rider, it's always fun to try something new!