Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Diaper

Oh my goodness, my colt is spirited. My BO just about killed me today over the mustang colt- WHOM IS PROUD CUT! Who the hell invented proud cutting? Just whack 'em all the way off the instant that they drop- that's my philosophy. If they aren't going to breed, don't let them think that they are. The mustang is literally the dirtiest horse I have ever met, and he is free fed right now, so he poops are pees all day long. Oh did I mention his favorite game is dump the water bucket often he does it THREE TIMES A DAY!! *sigh* Moving right along. Well my BO moved him across the way to see if he'd do ok there. He tried to jump the mare motel stall to get to the mare next to him. So he went right back into his shit hole. Don't worry I pulled out more then 2 wheel barrows of wet muck. Including dirt that was just so pee saturated, and that he had mashed his own poop into. It's a stinky disaster zone.

So I turned him out for a good 3 hours, and he ran the whole time. I figured that he would be nice and tired when I went to pony him on Roxy. Wrong. He was feisty as ever, and Roxy was in season recently- which he just loved. She is no longer in season, and she is no longer so forgiving of his shenanigans. But being a really well broke, solid mount, she puts up with him, and listens to me. She even angles herself how I tell her, and pulls him in the right direction when I make her drag him along. Roxy is fantastic, I love that mare.

Gideon wanted to pony super close, he always does. And it is usually fine, it allows me to rub on him, and get him used to me being above him- it is great pre-riding stuff. He was dropping behind us a little, and she didn't like his position, and what he was telling her. She usually just pins her ears, but I felt her kicking at him a little. Had I told her to stop, I know that she would have, but I let her because he needed to be put into his place. Well somewhere along the track he must have kicked, or struck Roxy's rear cannon.

When I put him away, I went to actually ride Roxy, and I could feel that she was lame. So I walked her around, let her really stretch it out. Took her around the block with a friend, then went to hop of and hose her leg down. Sure enough she has a huge welt on her rear right cannon bone. And it was rock hard.

Poor Roxy horse!
I took her over to my BO/trainer after running water over it for a while. And she asks if I have a T-shirt. "No..."
"A diaper?" She asks knowing it's a long shot.
Sure enough, I had a diaper in the car! One of my nieces was with us, and my sister sent one just in case she had an accident. I run to my car and grab it, as well as a standing wrap.
I rubbed some mineral ice on the lump, and then wrapped the diaper around it, and the stand wrap on top of that. My poor little Roxy horse! I'm not really too concerned, she'll heel just fine. I am heading out tomorrow to love on her though.

I suck at wraps. We'll see if they are still on tomorrow. My BO/trainer approved of my wrap job, and I was super excited that I actually had a diaper! Hopefully Roxy feels better tomorrow. And hopefully Gideon does not get any more spirited.


  1. Gideon must be feeling good! You are doing a great job with him!

    Poor Roxy . . . I hope she heals up and is back in action soon!

    1. He's feeling a little too good...

      Roxy's young a strong- she'll back in no time.

  2. As far as I know, being proud cut is an accident, not an intentional condition. You should ask your vet about having the situation remedied!