Sunday, April 22, 2012

Roxy Rant #4

My girl has been making me do icky gross head on the ground pleasure stuff lately. I hate this, but I am (barely) a good Roxy horse so I listen. Today was gymkhana day! Roxy horses love gymkhana days even more then carrots, and almost more then grain. So first things first, I had to pee. Then I did super good all day and was a very happy Roxy horse. We trotted barrels, and then we loped them, then we went fast! My girl even let me gallop home once! Roxy horses get very excited about galloping so we don't get to do that much.
My girl's mom took this video of Roxy Barrels, but I had been doing other stuff right before and was a confused Roxy. 

After all that barrel stuff my girl ponied a bunch of little girls around on Dolly. Dolly knows that Roxy horses are in charge and did not challenge my dominance.

After the little girls all rode we did some reining. We did small slow, large fast- possibly my favorite exercise right now. I did a really tinny tiny small circle sooo slow, then we did a big fast circle. I was very nice and collected. I've been learning not to run everywhere I go.

After I had to pony wild horse around. He thinks he's in charge, bad horse has no respect for Roxy Dominance. Roxy is in charge.
Wild horse is getting fatter. 
My girl's mom says wild horse and I look cute together. Well duh Roxy horse makes every thing cuter. 

Ok wild horse, you are cute.
I was already sweaty from gymkhana day, but took wild horse onto the track. This was where he tried to seduce me. My girl reminded me to be a lady, and I put wild horse back in his place.

After 6 trotting laps around the big giant track my girl put wild horse away. She then un tacked me, hosed me off, and let me stand. I stood nicely for an hour, it's a nice time to catch up on some beauty sleeps. I caught a glimpse of her on a pretty wild horse that I had never seen before. Maybe my girl will tell you guys about that later.

Roxy horse is tucking in for the night, even though I get lots of beauty sleeps at the hitching post, I get most in my stall.

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