Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Fantastic and Magical World of Horses

On Saturday after my conference I dragged my mother out to the ranch. How could I not, we were more then half way there!

I told her that I would just ride Roxy bareback real quick. While I was riding her it was so peaceful and quiet. I could see her summer coat starting to shine through on her shoulders. She takes such big powerful strides. I just loved feeling so connected with her. I haven't ridden totally bareback in a long time, and I really have a thing for horse shoulders so getting to see her working in action was great.

Soon my mom saw how much fun I was having with Roxy, just enjoying my horse's company. So she asked "Can I turn Dolly out with you?"
"Sure!" I of course responded, I like to ride with one loose in the arena.

Soon enough my mother had put on her boots, changed her shirt, tied her lead rope into reins, and mounted her horse. Dolly who so desperately wanted her to ride her pushed herself snug up against our awkward railing and let my mother literally crawl on top of her.

It was in that moment with my mother, Dolly, and my beloved Roxy that I remembered how magical horses are. It reminded me to be a better trainer. Horses are so fantastic for so many people, and I get to share it with children!

Have you ever thought about how other people perceive horses?

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