Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Work Day

Today was an exciting day at the ranch! I had to head out and do stalls, so it turned into a work day. I did the barn stalls, there was a lot. 3 heaping wheelbarrows full of manure. After that I hung my first, second, third, and championship ribbons on the door of my tack room! They look really nice, and I feel inspired to do some more shows. I'd like to show a few times before the season is over, and then next season going in for high point.

After that I rode Roxy. I've been doing a lot of pleasure work with her, and she kind of hates it. So I told her today that we would do gymkhana, her true love. Needless to say, she was thrilled to be able to keep her head up, and to run. I even took her onto to the track and did some long trotting. Roxy has a beautiful long trot, she has the largest stride I have ever seen. Someone once asked me if she was a trotter, she moves so quick. I let her canter a little too.

The mustang colt finally has a name! Gideon is the handsome boy's name. He is also almost 30lbs up! We are planning on asking the vet about supplemental for him. I've never seen a horse in such poor condition, let alone cared for one, so I'm clueless about what supplements he'll need to put the weight on without upsetting his fragile system. He is doing GREAT with his feet, he lets me pick all four of them. He also leads very well. Today was actually a pretty big day. I've had him 2 weeks now, and he always amazes me with what he knows. I ponied him on Roxy in the arena. We trotted 2 laps in both directions, and he did great! Then we went down the road a few blocks. In true mustang-ness, he is fearless. I think he'll be a great trail horse.

After the ranch I came home and rested for a few hours. My ear infection seems to be clearing up, and I'm feeling sooo much better, I don't crash in the middle of the day anymore. I was needing a nap in the middle of the day, like some elderly woman. So, with my mother, I decided to head over to my uncle's for Easter dinner. It was quite tasty.

How was your Easter? Any projects you've been needing to get done?

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  1. Sounds like a huge day. Gideon is a cute name and he is coming along very fast.