Monday, April 9, 2012


Today I gained my 20th follower. Wow! 20 people think I have something interesting to say, so cool! Although I did create this blog as a reflection for myself, I'd like to shape it into something that is pleasant for others to read and learn from as well. Thus, I have a few questions. Hopefully your answers will let me know what you want to hear about next!

What horse, or horses, do you like hearing about best? My battles with the strong willed Roxy? The adventures and excitement around Gideon (the mustang colt)? Dolly's (and the other's) trials as a lesson horse? Or the random horses I ride and work throughout my ranch days.

Do you enjoy reading about my chaotic life as a preschool teacher? (I do plan on writing a post comparing all of the similarities between teacher children, teaching horses, and teaching lesson kids).

Do you want to hear more about my training methods? Also I am SO sorry that I have yet to bring the tripod out, my plan is to do so tomorrow before my lesson. I want to get a little video of Gideon's ground work lesson.

Do you enjoy the nostalgia posts? I know I like reflecting on the past, it is impossible to learn a thing if you don't ever reflect.

Thank you so much for following my blog, and for answering the questions!


  1. I really enjoy reading about all of your horses. They each bring something different to the table. I would like to read more about your training methods, as well. And nostalgia is interesting, too! It lets the readers know a little more about you and where you have come from in regards to horses.

    Keep up the good work and congrats on 20 followers!

  2. I guess I am one of your newer followers, so I haven't read all the kinds of posts you just mentioned. I did come for the horse stuff, mostly what you were working on with Roxy and Gideon. I don't think I've "met" Dolly yet.

    Anyways, I say just write what you are feeling. My horse blog is totally for me to keep track of my adventures and problems and "ahaa" moments. I am always tickled when other people read it, and I do hope some things I write will help someone. But really, the blog is for me. Just my two cents.

    Oh, and pictures are always a plus

  3. I follow 97 Equestrian blogs. The best part of these blogs is the journey, so keep being yourself and keep blogging your journey.

  4. I love reading about all your horses also. Comparing teaching styles of child and horses sounds interesting. I also like hearing about training styles bc I always like trying new ideas