Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Old Cowboy and his Mustang

I had a fantastic day at the ranch last Tuesday. Roxy was great, Gideon was good. All three of my nieces were well behaved, and so was Dolly. Then it got even better.

My ranch has three areas, the front (pipe corrals), the barns, and the back/mare motels. It's 5 acres; Roxy and Dolly live in the front, while Gideon's stall is in the mare motels. I also clean the barns Tuesday and Saturday. So I am always all over the place. Well when I went to put Gideon away I asked Roxy to stand in front of his stall. Repeatedly telling her "Stand." "Don't even think about it." "Roxy, whoa." and a whole string of stuff like that as I unhaltered Gideon.

A boarder, who was waiting for a friend to arrive so they could ride together, proceeded to ask me how Gideon was coming along. I told her about his progress and how well he was doing, asked her about her horse, and such. Then I went to put Roxy away. I came back over to the mare motels and did Gideon's stall.

When I was done I noticed this cowboy on a lovely palomino horse talking with the boarder. I went over to compliment him.

To make a long story short, the horse was a mustang. We related instantly, and he pretty much threw me onto this horse. It was probably the most well trained horse I have ever ridden. He then tells me about this video of Martin Black that he has. And he asks "Will you be here for a little longer?" I told him yeah, I still had some things to do. So he trots his horse home, which I knew was about a block away, I did all of my stuff, started getting my nieces in the car, and he trots on back with this Martin Black video.

I watched it, and it was fantastic. I learned a lot, and riding that mustang was fantastic too! Overall it was just amazing.

I was just comparing Gideon's 'Day of Rescue' photos, with this very current photo. He's about 30 pounds up, has done lots of shedding, has been working quite a bit, all trot/walk, just a few steps of the canter so far, and I have had him just a month yesterday. I am so excited for the horse that I know he will become!  


  1. Martin Black is one of my favorite horsemen. I'll be curious to read about the things you try from the video.

    1. I liked Martin Black. The video was about the bosal, I actually own two, but I've never been too impressed by them. Roxy doesn't like it, and everyone else I ride I don't own. We'll see if Gideon takes to it though.

  2. Wow, Gideon looks amazing! I'm glad to hear he is making progress, you've done a good job with him.

    1. I wouldn't say amazing quite yet ;) But thank you! He's coming along fantastically.