Saturday, September 1, 2012

Poor Roxy!

A friend of mine came out to ride yesterday. I had also promised Roxy that I would ride her. I also was planning on ponying Nova for the first time. It was a very successful day! Roxy was good, she pinned her ears at Nova a little, but with a a little kick she'd stop. Roxy's a good mount for ponying- she knows that when it's time to work, it is not time to play.

We went around in the arena a few times, then about 200 ft down the road and back. That little baby is amazing! She has never seen the world. She lived way up in the mountains off the beaten path. On the trail we saw tractors, dogs, cats, cars, other horses, and in my opinion what's often scariest- dumpsters. Nova did not spook not once! She also let me pet her ears, her forehead, her neck, her back. She's not worried about me being on top of her at all. Successful day yesterday!

I feed Saturdays, so this morning I got up bright and early. And I felt awful, super sick. But I took some day quil, texted canceling my lessons, and I trekked out to the ranch at 7:00AM. I got there, fed the horses, and then I went to do Nova's stall (where Roxy is currently living). Roxy had barely her breakfast... And I even gave her alfalfa. She looks sunken in, and was standing camped out. I listened to her gut and heard good rolls, she wasn't dehydrated. Then I remember that yesterday when her and Dolly were out they played a lot. Roxy did a lot of bucking, and rearing.

I usually pull her out when she does that. But I've been getting pressure from my mother and trainer that 'Roxy's fine'. I can see the pain on her face, but I figured that they knew best. So my poor little girl was so uncomfortable that she didn't even finish her breakfast. Now I know that my instincts are best, and that I know my mare.

But today Nova did great! I was told that she doesn't tie, but was thrilled to see that she does. We used a lunge line and wrapped it around the arena panels. She stood calmly, and chewed my very line. She chews up everything, Nova is very mouthy. She is also very saddle broke. I was thrilled to find that out. This little mare really just needs help leading. I'm planning on going out Monday and getting a bit in her mouth, and lunging her with a saddle in the round pen so it can really flap around on her. Today was also the first time that my trainer saw her being worked. My trained told me before leaving that she was proud of me for banging out my stalls even though I was sick! Woohoo for me. Despite Roxy's discomfort and my sickness, it was a pretty good day.

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