Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Session 1 with Nova

Before we do any Nova talk I just want to let everyone know that I have some tack for sale on Ebay it is all super cheap and nice!

Now onto Nova. Today I went to school with the mindset that as soon as I was done, I would be heading out to work with Nova. And surprisingly enough my day went as planned. Nova arrived Sunday, and although she seems pretty low stress, I didn't want to overwhelm her by working too early. So I decided that today would be her first session. She did really good! I went a little crazy and did a very little bit of everything today.

Nova lunges pretty well. She doesn't understand giving to pressure yet, so she just lays her head on the line. I think I'll be tying her head to the side (in the halter) and have her do circles until she gives. But Nova changes direction well, and in mindful. She listens to vocal commands, she knows what walk, trot, and ho mean. We didn't do any loping. Oh and she really responds to an aggressive 'Haa!' such a gymkhana horse already.

Nova is the type of horse where you watch her loose and she just screams 'I'm built for fast running and tight turns'. She does great rollbacks, and bolts into a lope from a stand still. The power that this filly gives off is amazing. She's also very sweet, and smart. When I was working with her she really tried to figure out what I wanted. She wants to please- which I am very thankful for. Back to our work!

Next I took the lead rope around her and asked her to turn into it. She did great. She totally knows everything so far. So I asked her to lead by her front foot. She obviously hasn't been asked to do this, it was new to the filly. But she picked it up pretty quick! I was very impressed. At first she gave me this look like "What are you doing?" but with a couple of kisses she started to willingly walk forward.

One thing that she had no clue about and didn't really pick up on was moving her hind end away from me. I'd stand beside her and flick the lead rope at her hind end, and she just acted insulted moving her whole body away from me. After some unsuccessful tries, I took it way way down. I pressed against her flanks with my finger tips, and just accepted one step with either hind leg. She understood this. We ended on a really good note I got her to move her whole hind end. So I stopped the hard stuff then satisfied with my little girl. She's really not a whip horse at all. She's so gentle and willing, I lunged her without one, and did this exercise without a crop too.

I finished up by giving her a bath, and seeing how well she ties. Her previous owner told me that she doesn't know how. But she did pretty good. I looped the lead rope over the round pen corral panel and held the end. She walked the length of the panel, but didn't pull, or sit back at all. I think she'll pick up tying pretty quick. She did ok for her bath. She didn't like when the water started and stopped, Nova flinched each time. But that's ok, she let me give her a full bath, and even let me spray under her tail.

Then we went on a little walk to check out the property. She was so brave! She wasn't scared of anything! We have a big squeaky garden swing. I was pretty aggressively shaking and she didn't care. A notebook that had blown out of the trash. She didn't like it, but she allowed me to touch her with it, and let the pages blow around with it's loud crinkly noise. What a brave little girl from someone who's never seen the world!

I am super impressed with my filly. Tomorrow is her day of rest, I won't be going out. But Friday I plan on sacking her out, and seeing if she's saddle broke. I also want to pony her from Dolly and see how she likes me being above her.

We have a goal in mind too! I love goals. There is a camping trip planned for the end of September. My goal is to have this mare broke enough to go camping. I think it's totally doable too. I have a set 4-5day schedule until she's broke. I will be out there Tuesday Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and one other random day.

Once I put some ground manners on her, I think she'll be ready to ride. Assuming that she's actually saddle broke like the owner says.

If anyone is interested, here's her Dam Sea Freckles

And Daddy- RSA Justa Cowboy

I think Nova really takes after her sire.

Well now it just seems silly to post that tiny picture. I'll be taking a good confirmation photo of her this week so we have a starting point. I love my little girl!

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