Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am particularly fond of cowlicks on my horses. Many different ancient people used to give meaning to the location of cowlicks on their horses- it gave them insight about the horse's personality. So lets test their theory on Nova- who has tons of cowlicks all over her body.

Nova's forehead swirl

According to Linda Tellington-Jones a whorl above the eyes means that the horse is simple and easy going. Nova is pretty simple and easy going. Even being a youngster she doesn't try to hide her feelings (like Roxy spent lots of time doing). Nova is an open book, and so easy going.

Sounds like Ms.Tellington-Jones is pretty spot on!

Here are some photos of all Nova's other cowlicks. Remember folks! Cowlicks can be used for identification, so take pictures of them to keep in your record! Also I suggest doing the same thing for your horse's chestnuts. If it may ever happen that your horse is stolen, having all of this identifying proof will be helpful in getting your horse back.

Left side of her neck

Right side of her neck

Little wet chest swirls

Matching swirls under her belly. 


  1. This is a neat idea for a post. I like the whirls on her neck.

    What does she say about a whirl right between the eyes? Harley has one on his forehead. So cute.

    1. Thank you! I loved the post that you did about Harley's color changes a while back.

      I gave it a quick scan, but couldn't find the 'between the eyes' horse info. Check it out and let me know!