Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Being the First

It is only natural to want to be the first at something. With Nova there are so many firsts for us to experience together- its so exciting! Yesterday I was the first person to trot Nova. She has a really nice little trot, I really like her gaits.

My mom held the longe line and i joked "You ready to hold my crazy girl?" Nova feels like a dead broke horse. She is just a natural. She turns, shes very forward without charging through me. And she has a dead stop. I just say "ho" and she stops real quick (better then some actually broke horses). I am just thrilled.

My mom asked me what i can do with her, seeing how good she is. I didnt know, so weasked my trainner. She said that when she breaks she does the same thing for 7 days, maybe Nova is a 3 instead. Wouldnt it be nice if everything i ever teach her only takes 3 rides? Here's to wishful thinking and being the first to experience Novas gaits.

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