Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ms. Piggy

I am having SUCH a blast with Nova! She is just amazing. Today we had a fantastic ride in the arena. We walked, trotted, and loped! A-ma-zing! This little mare is just fantastic, I am in love. After our ride I untacked her, and hung out with her in the arena under a shady tree.

I was rubbing on her, touching her all over. Nova got a little mouthy on me too, grooming me as I was her. She just lipped my shorts for a moment, and I think it's absolutely adorable when they return the favor, so I let her. I have come to realize that I own a toddler horse. Just like a young child, she's exploring everything with her mouth, and I want her to explore the world. So I do let her lip anything she wants, but once teeth get involved I draw the line. There are two things that Nova is not allowed to do, use her teeth on anything but food, and rub. I have a strict 'no rubbing until you are 10' rule. Nova has quite some time left before she can rub on me.

I have also started to document Nova's weight loss. She is still really fat, and I honestly see no weight loss in pounds, but I see her toning up. What do you think?

The day that I got her

Sometime last week. 

Last Friday (oct 5th)

Lets see just the first two
I know the 'before' picture it kind of far away, and not a great conformation shot, but it's the best I have. 

I really still picture her as this though:

So I suppose the founder neck is well on it's way to disappearing. I love appy necks, but I hate founder necks. What do you guys think? See any dramatic changes in her weight/overall condition? 

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