Saturday, May 19, 2012

Riding Roxy

Today Roxy was sound enough to be ridden! Hurray! I was so afraid that she would need the stifle injections. I decided to do something really easy. I thought I would do some flag work. Roxy used to carry a flag just fine, but she hasn't in years.

What a hot mess. It was awful! Roxy got big eyes and was snorting on the ground, but she calmed down ok. So I mounted up with the flag. And Roxy shot across the arena side passing as fast as hors-ishly possible. Not happening. I did not want that kind of movement with her injured stifle. So I instantly dropped the plan to do a whole flag, and my trainer suggested just holding a pvc pole. So I did that. Roxy couldn't have cared less. I rubbed it against her barrel, her neck, her rump, both sides, held it up into the trees above us so that it would make lots of noise.

Naturally I will be putting some 'decorative' flags up around her stalls. They are bright white, and will flap in the wind, they are loud, and they will be around her 24/7. Roxy is getting re broke to a flag.

Roxy horse gets to graze when she is injured. Being hurt isn't too bad. 

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  1. glad you got to ride her :) good look with rebraking her to the flag im sure it will go fine :) <3