Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mustangs Like to be Dirty

With Roxy still up, I've had time to really work with Gideon a lot. Don't worry, the vet will be out on Tuesday to give shots, and to give an exam to both of my horses. Unfortunately that means I have to stop buteing her so the vet can see exactly where she hurts. My BO/trainer says that if Roxy's lameness is permanent Gideon's getting a bullet to the head. He's not winning any points from her. As for me, I can't even begin to think about that option.

So due to all my spare time, I decided that Gideon would received his first bath yesterday! I knew that it would be tough, but he really needed one, so I armed myself with a stud chain, a hose, some dandruff shampoo (poor little guy was having some dander issues!), and a rubber curry. Off to the turn out with went!

He doesn't tie very well, and I knew that the water would scare the bejeebies out of him, so I held him the whole time. I tried it at first with a little sprayer on the hose, but I couldn't get the pressure right so I ended up taking that off. I hosed him down the first time, and he was scared, but he did ok. I shampooed him up, and curried him like crazy. His rump with still quite dry, which I found kind of funny. I didn't clean his mane or tail, that's for another day.

Once he was all lathered up I went to hose him off. Oh my lord. You know how people ask who's the one getting the bath, the horse or the human? Well I got the shower. I was so wet. But it was hot so I didn't mind too much. Poor Gideon fought so hard, he got a little cut on the side of his cheek. :( I couldn't leave him soapy though, so I quickly did the best job that I could, loved on him like crazy, and then took him home where some I gave him an appetizer to his dinner. Tomorrow I'll get a sponge out to get the rest of the shampoo out of his now beautiful fur. Who knows, that could have been his first bath ever!

Haven't my people noticed? Mustangs don't like clean!

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