Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm Back!

Sorry about that long hiatus. Life just got a little crazy. Let me give you an update.

He had absolutely no interest in being an arena horse. So I didn't think it was fair to try to make him into one when he would just be miserable. So I sold him. I found him a fantastic home as a husband's first trail horse. He lives up in the mountains, I get pictures and updates about him often. He has a great life, and his new dad just loves him.

Roxy is retired. She still hasn't really come back from her injured stifle. She's retiring to the life of a lesson horse. And she's doing really well at it! She's in two lessons a week. Both girls love her- they are young teenagers. One of the girls had her first lope on Roxy last Saturday! It is so fun to have trained my horse well enough that these kids can ride her, and equally as fun that I trained the kids well enough to handle her.

And I have some very exciting news. *drum roll* I bought a filly! She is a 3 year old buckskin Appaloosa. Registered name is RER Justa Fantasea. Her sire was Justa Cowboy, dam was Sea Freckles. She is absolutely stunning. This mare has the most elegant floaty gaits I have ever seen. She's 15.1, and right now 990lbs. That will be changing- this mare is OBESE. Here are some photos of this beauty. She needs a name. She is very elegant, she needs a name that fits. Something hopefully fast since she's a gymkhana horse. I was thinking seriously about Comet and Melody but those just don't fit her. I was also thinking Fancy, but I feel like that's a big thoroughbred name. Also thought about Fantasea but I know that we'll be calling her Fanta. Any ideas?

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  1. Wow! Lots of changes! I am glad that Gideon was able to find a good home! You did good with him.

    And although Roxy has not come back from her injury, she still has a job to do, one of the most important, I think. Teaching others the love of horses and how to ride is awesome!

    And yay! New horse! Can't wait to read all about her! I'll think on the names. . .it took me forever to pick out Shy's name!