Monday, May 14, 2012

All That I Know

Hello everyone, my name is Gideon, otherwise known as colt, mustang, Gid, and now less often- bad horse. Here are all of the wonderful things that I know.

 I know that I am happy with my new mommas! So happy in fact, that I smile every time I roll (which is often).

I know that the sun feels good against my shiny new coat.

I know that wormer tastes awful!

 I know that baths won't really kill me.

 I know how to be lunged. But I still get confused often.

I know how to be so freaking handsome it might kill you if you look for too long.

 I know that I might always have this permanent reminder of my horrid past. This dip in my between my hips might never go away.

I know that my hooves don't hurt anymore. 

Oh did I mention that I know how to be ridden? While these silly two leggers are bouncing around me, treating me like a baby I already know all of this stuff. On Sunday they discovered that I could be ridden. I know leg cues, verbal commands. I am a very good boy under saddle, on the ground I might try to out muscle you.

I also know that those two ladies are my moms, and they love me very much. They feed me hay, groom me, pick out my hooves, and just enjoy me. In return I'm super handsome, and do not hurt them. It's a good deal.

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