Friday, May 4, 2012

The First Sit

For the sake of time, this will be a quick little post. Yesterday I had the first sit on Gideon McBadhorse (did I mention Roxy is still lame?). I turned him out for about 15minutes, I cleaned his stall, I laid out new shavings (it is FINALLY starting to dry out!), I tacked him up, and lunged him in both directions. Then I lowered a stirrup quite a bit. I put my foot in it and paused. Gideon's feet froze, not out of fear, but out of obedience- because that is what he knew he was supposed to do. I lowered my foot back to the ground. I wiggled the saddle (pretty aggressively), and then I placed my foot back in the stirrup. I popped up, then back down. Up, then back down. I lowered my foot to the ground once again. After a few more aggressive shakes, and some high jumps beside him, he continued to stand frozen. So I put my foot in the stirrup one last time, and this time I swung my leg over him.

Wow. There is nothing comparable to the feeling of sitting on a horse that has been labeled 'crazy'. He didn't move a single inch.
"Good boy!" I told him, along with severely strokes against his neck. Then before it could turn sour I landed back onto the ground. This was where Gideon was rewarded with more pets, and more 'good boys'. I also joked with him that if he seriously injured Roxy he would need to step in as my new riding horse, so he better get the hang of this quick. Maybe he isn't Gideon McBadhorse after all...

Who me? I am an angel! 

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