Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deep Feel

Today I had a magic ride. It was cold- low 50's, and near raining all day, naturally the horses were a bit on edge. I thought "Eh I gotta work Nova anyway". So out of her stall she came, and I turned her out in the arena for a good half hour maybe longer. She was out a while. I considered putting her away, but then thought "She will really never be broke if I don't ride her". So I tacked her up.

I mounted quickly, not giving her time to realize what was happening and walk off. Score one for me, no argument today. We headed into the arena, where I began a stressful and uncomfortable ride. I found myself holding my breath, and very tense. Nova was acting up too, which didn't help much. I don't really trust her yet, but I eventually realized who I do trust- myself. I took a deep breath, and let it out. Nova did the exact same. I kid you not, she was holding her breath until I stopped holding mine. After that she was wonderful. She stayed on the rail, she was obedient, she gave me beautiful round circles with great flexion. And best of all, she was breathing so well.

For a few moments during this ride I felt a deep connection with this filly. I would think "Lets whoa" and her feet would freeze. It was as if we were the same body, so in tune and synced up. We were doing things that she had never done before, pivots, working in the box, circles at the lope, and she excelled as if she had been asked these new challenges a thousand times.

I have this sort of 'magical' connection with Roxy, where I can ride her for the most part with my thoughts. I think something and she does it, but it doesn't seem so special on her. I have had so many years to establish a deep feel with Roxy it's only natural that we work well together. Really it's just the consistency of riding her, that she feels my subtle changes and knows what I'm asking before I ask it. But Nova has under 40 rides on her, Nova has had hardly any action under saddle, let alone much deep bonding time with me. So to be able to feel her reading me is just plain cool. I am ever amazed by this filly. She is an excellent little horse, that is so open and has such an impeccable willingness to learn. I wish I was still wired to learn like this baby is.

Have you ever had that magical deep feel connection with a horse?

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  1. She sounds amazing and like shes going really well! I do believe that horse can tell how we are feeling/thinking and do respond to this! In time I am sure you';; trust her!