Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nova Needs Work

Managing 3 horses and a pony is quite a burden. The pony is currently going online for lease sometime this week. I even got her her own pony saddle. It's the most beautiful saddle I own, and actually fits me quite well on the saddle rack, despite being a 12inch- I have very little booty. Burden number 1 lifted.

My plan for getting the girls more work is ponying. Lots of ponying up the mountain. Nova needs to see trails, Roxy loves trails, I love both of them, why not combine all these needs and loves into one action. So Nova will be traveling via Roxy up the mountainside for some time.

In the arena we continue lunging over ground poles. Under saddle Nova is working on flexing. She moves like a robot horse right now, and I'd like her to separate movements in her head, shoulder, barrel, and hip. She's taken to playing lately, and since being laid up for a cold, she's yet to get into the rhythm of work. Some trails should knock that eagerness to learn right back into her.

In other news- I have chickens! My parents brought home 3 4 week old hens! Super cute babies! We have 2 rhodesian reds, and 1 buff orpington. They don't have names yet. The Buff is the palomino (ha!). Ok that wasn't even a little funny... She's the yellow one.

Nova's feed bucket was the only tub laying around for them to inhabit. They did not like being confined and popped up onto the rim fairly quickly. Their coop was built, and they spent the afternoon outside. Where my dog eagerly, and confusedly, watched them. 

Buff girl sleeping in my lap. 


  1. awwww love the picture of the chickens :) have you got any name ideas? I hope your plan for working goes well and your cold goes away soon :)

    1. They are yet to be named. One of the reds is Samuel L Jackson, the buff is my favorite I've been referring to her as buff girl. Maybe we'll simply have Samuel L Jackson, Red, and Buff girl... I'm open to ideas- I've never named a chicken before!

  2. I definetley know how much work it takes to work with three horses. On a normal day I work with four horses and my sister works with three. When she's not there I work with all seven. Lucky for me it's not too bad because I don't have a job and almost all my classes are online. And it helps that I am doing ground work with all but two of them. But that will change pretty quick.