Monday, January 21, 2013

First Post All Year!

Oh my goodness, it is already the end of January and I haven't made yet! I have been so nice and busy! I have been riding a TON. My main goal of the year is to get Nova really broke. I am not certain that I will be keeping her. That's right, I may sell my little filly. It depends on where my personal goals take me.

I bought Nova to be a barrel filly. But when I got her home I realized that she just is not as fast as I'd like a barrel mare to be. But I am currently running for a Rodeo Pageant, and Nova would make a great pageant and parade horse. She is so mellow, and NOTHING scares her at all. Roxy is pretty hot headed and spooky lately. I also have a baby craving. Not so much of the human variety, but the weanling type. It is a bad craving.

In other news, I am now an official horse purchaser. Not for myself (I wish buying horses was a legitimate hobby), but for my friends and ranch-mates. I have recently found 4 wonderful very sound horses. The first was Nova, my sweet little filly whom I love so much. The second was Belle, a friend's DEAD BROKE bomb proof trail mare. She's an amazing Appaloosa, and PERFECT for her. Then I recently found a new friend a little abused mare. Very sound, and super cute red dun quarter horse. She wanted a horse to bond with, and use on trail, this is a mare that will form a very tight bond quickly. Then the 4th horse that I've found recently was Blossom, my darling pony whom loves me so so much.

Unfortunately Blossom is just too little, and she hates arena work. So she isn't working out in my lesson program. She needs to go be a horse family's trail pony. I am hoping to get a slightly bigger pony that may or may not live with Nova in a pasture stall. I really want to get Nova into a large stall with another horse. I think she would benefit from it socially.

So that is where I'm at currently. Buying, selling, training, lessons, the usual.


  1. It's sad that things aren't working out how you want with Blossom but so good you've found such good horses :)

    1. My horse hunting has become an on going joke of sorts.