Friday, December 28, 2012

Every Girl's Best Friend

I am in love with my pony. When I got her she was monstrous and terrible. When looking to buy her I was stepped on, and even bit a few times, naturally I thought to myself "She'll be the perfect children's pony!" She has become such a happy little pony. She loves me to pieces, gets along with all her neighbors. Has the pony next door calling to her when she leaves and arrives, and has stolen my heart. I have thought before that I want Roxy to be the horse that my children ride, but I change my mind. Blossom is my future children's first ride.

It seems silly, yes I know this, but a pony has to get out! So I do ride her. All 36 inches of her carries me well - and I'm atop her under 10 minutes. The little horse that went from not trotting, is currently loping. That is something I really didn't think that she could even do with a rider. I try to pay especially good attention to when she's getting tired, and she doesn't ever exhibit any. No huffing and puffing- not even heavy breathing, she never breaks gait, and she doesn't feel or look as though she is struggling. My little Blossom loves to be ridden, she stands at the gate, whinnies, and paws when she sees me coming to get her.

I have this secret plan of making her a really bad ass little pony. I want her to run barrels, and do reining. Although I question if she is physically capable of reining, I think a little gymkhana pony is very much within her range.

I would love for a child to lease Blossom and show on her. She is such a wonderful and loving pony. She does not have a pony-tude at all- only love and sweet pony kisses.

What horses in your life have unexpectedly captured your heart and held it hostage?


  1. Replies
    1. I feel as though Bif and Blossom are equally adorable, just on different spectrums.

  2. Awww she is just soo cute!

    Gatsby a 17hh irish draught and Jake a 14.2 Piebald nutter cob captured my heart the moment I rode both of them!

    1. It is astonishing how magically a horse can just strike you.