Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rescue Number Two, and the Final Member of my Herd

On Tuesday I saw an advertisement for a pony on craigslist at work. She feet were dreadfully long, and what really hit home was her age. She's just 2 years old. If there is anything worse then neglecting an animal, it's neglecting a baby animal. They were asking $800, and I knew that it was going to be a rescue.
The photo from the craigslist advertisement. 

The pony was about 45 minutes north of me, and I asked my mother to accompany me. So we started the trek up after work today. I got there, and met with a very nice young lady, and her father- who spoke mostly Spanish. She's been living in a good size pen, with chain link and wood fencing, near goats. I'm happy that she had the goats as neighbors, because there are no other horses around her. They told me that they have had her for 8 months, and there 5 year old son has been riding her. It makes me sad that they rode a 2 year old.

But the father went in to get her, she was not easy to catch, but not too terrible. Her feet are so long, but she didn't seem like she was in pain. She saddles up, and leads ok, and she does takes the bit real well. She bites. She's so angry, and mean. To see a baby who is so nasty, to mean it translates to not being treated well.

They popped the 5 year old up on her, with a helmet which I was thrilled to see, he seemed nervous. The pony lunges herself if you stand in the middle. I watch for a bit, then asked to work with her.

She has no clue what the bit means, so I very highly doubt that she knows leg cues. I didn't get on her, because her feet are so bad. I looked in her mouth, and she has lots of sharp hooks and points; ouch. She rushes through everything, trotting everywhere that she goes. When I tried working with her, I asked her to flex, and she just rushed through everything. She did walk when I asked her to, and when I said whoa she turned in to me and stopped.

My mother asked about veterinary care, worming, and her feet. They said that they were done two months ago, judging by the length, I very highly doubt that. She is fat, but has not foundered! I am thankfully that they didn't starve her at least. I really don't think that they meant to be neglectful, but horses are not dogs. They need a lot more care, and attention.

Blossom comes home tomorrow. Hopefully my sweet girl will do just that, blossom into a happy healthy pony.

Just look at those feet. 

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  1. Poor baby! Lucky her that you found her, I am sure she will transform into a sweet little pony.